Easy Headshots Make Me Happy

How often do you get that client that makes the session fly by in a flurry of fun? How did I get so lucky?

This is Kim. She’s a hoot. She made my day. 

One of her Things is playing with CONSCIOUSNESS. She can make you see things differently in just an instant.

Kim is an author and will be hosting an event called the Empowered Life Summit soon!  Find her on Facebook!

Or call her for a life-transformation session. I dare ya.

{ Kim Louise Morrison // Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator // 519.520.1006 }

Gypsies of Consciousness

These babes can cause that stirring, that ache in your heart, to expand out, become soft, tilt the access of your core or transform into whatever you might choose for yourself and your world. The Gypsies of Consciousness are my good friends, Juna & Sabine, and they make life fun. But you probably wouldn’t want more ease & joy in your life…

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