Gypsies of Consciousness

These babes can cause that stirring, that ache in your heart, to expand out, become soft, tilt the access of your core or transform into whatever you might choose for yourself and your world. The Gypsies of Consciousness are my good friends, Juna & Sabine, and they make life fun. But you probably wouldn’t want more ease & joy in your life…

Making New Friends

When you are part of a small, tight-knit community like I am you may find you’ve got it so good that it’s easy to keep the friends you’ve got and not reach out for more. Until they fall in your lap. These guys shared their life so easily. I am so lucky to have such willing and beautiful people to frame with my lens. Feel your family.

First Birth

A while ago my maker-friend Aileen made a mobile. Nutter & Means, her little shop of bespoke quilts, restored antique ministry robes, cute mobiles and button-eyed fabric owl mascots was being born. I felt like the lucky doula witnessing her first birth.

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